Oriole Consulting provides support solutions in terms of various BBBEE elements, including:

Employment Equity Compliance

Employment equity is a mechanism used to achieve equity in the workplace by:

  • Promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment.
  • Implementing affirmative action measures to redress the disadvantages in employment experienced by black people.

The underlying principle behind employment equity is to foster the active involvement of black people in the operational, professional and executive decision-making processes in their businesses.

Oriole will assist your company in Employment Equity Awareness and training.

This training will include a training manual and assistance in putting together an Employment Equity Forum, conducting an Employment Equity Analysis, Employment Equity Report compilation and submission to the Department of Labour.

Skills Development Facilitation

Skills development refers to the development of core competencies of all staff to facilitate their interaction in the mainstream of the economy. It is imperative that there be a focus on core and technical skills to enable previously disadvantaged people to participate in the wider economy in a meaningful manner as required by BBBEE.

Oriole can assist in SETA registration and training. Oriole consultants are able to compile Workplace Skills Plans, Annual Training Reports and Training Plans for companies.

Along with the compilation of the Skills Plan and Training Report, Oriole will train your company’s Skills Development Facilitator on various aspects in relation to Skills Development including compilation of future Skills Plans and Training Reports.

Preferential Procurement

Oriole Consulting provides clients with an understanding of the importance of the procurement function and how it positively affects BBBEE credentials.

We can assist clients in evaluating current supplier lists, obtaining suppliers’ empowerment credentials, and assist in developing a Preferential Procurement policy.

Enterprise and Supplier Development

Oriole Consulting advises clients in implementing sustainable Enterprise and Supplier Development projects in line with their BBBEE strategy.

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