Understanding the concepts and codes in relation to BBBEE is essential in planning and dealing with BBBEE effectively and responsibly. Oriole Consulting assists clients in understanding and taking advantage of the many benefits to being BBBEE compliant, which include:

  • Accessing new markets and contracts
  • Creating many opportunities for your staff to develop themselves and enhance their competencies and skills which will ultimately enhance your business too
  • Participating in the national transformation strategy while also being role-players will need the development and change

From a business perspective, it is becoming increasingly important to provide all customers with your BBBEE certificate, as your BBBEE score will directly impact on your customer’s BBBEE score in terms of the preferential procurement element of their BBBEE scorecard.

If your business does not have a BBBEE scorecard your customers will earn zero points in respect of their dealings with you, and could potentially result in your customers choosing to work with your competitors instead.

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