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These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Company Law, our Commercial services and some common queries. They provide basic information, sometimes about fairly complex topics, for more clarity please contact our offices. If you have any questions about Commercial services that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please email

These FAQ's are designed to be helpful in raising awareness and providing general information about Company Law. They are not a substitute for consulting advice. They may not cover important issues that affect you directly. You should consult with us directly if you have questions.

I want to register a business. How do I do that?

We specialise in tailoring legal solutions that suit our clients’ specific needs to promote their best interests. To decide on the most effective way forward for your unique circumstances, we always recommend that legal matters are treated with the necessary priority and dedication. We therefore recommend that we arrange a detailed consultation with you. During the consultation, as a means to elect the best business vehicle for your unique situation, we will explain the available options to you and point out all the pros and cons. With this information to hand, we will then assist you with registering the most appropriate vehicle to suit your business needs.

I need a contract drafted, how much does it cost?

The costs for legal services depend on the nature and complexity of each individual instruction. We therefore recommend that you meet us for a detailed consultation, so we have sufficient information to provide you with a cost estimate for the specific agreement you require. We are therefore not in a position to advise on exact costs in response to an initial enquiry.

What is POPI and must I comply with it?

POPI stands for The Protection of Personal Information Act and will apply to any business that gathers personal information relating to any employee, customer or supplier.

The Act which should come into force shortly will directly affect public perception of any business.

If you are wondering whether it applies to your business, don’t. Basically before you obtain any personal information from anyone you are required to inform them what information you have, how you will use it, why you will use it and who will have access to it and then get their consent.

From a business perspective, organisations that achieve early compliance with this legislation will have a distinct competitive advantage.

Can I copy agreements found on the internet?

No, this is not recommended. The internet source may not be trustworthy and contents may be inaccurate or unsound in law.