20 July 2016


20 July 2016,

The Amended B-BBEE Codes which are now in effect are very clear when it comes to the application of the sector codes. The Codes […]

6 July 2016


6 July 2016,

Under the New B-BBEE Codes ownership is termed a priority element meaning that Companies who do not meet the minimum threshold for ownership will […]

10 January 2016

B-BBEE Points to Remember

10 January 2016,

If your company has a financial year end of February and your company intends to continue to be verified for B-BBEE, the actions of […]

10 August 2015

Employment Equity Reporting

10 August 2015,

Employment Equity reporting season is fast approaching. What do you need to know about it? Who needs to report? All designated Employers need to […]

10 July 2015

BEE – New Codes Updates Part II

10 July 2015,

May 2015 was a busy month in the area of B-BBEE with a number of clarification notes being issued. This article summarizes the areas […]