There are different options for large and small companies and dependent on the size of the business and the right mix of codes a ‘good contributor rating’ can be achieved, with little disruption to the equity and management structure.

Oriole Consulting will perform a compliance BBBEE analysis based on your company’s current profile and provide a strategy on how to improve your empowerment status, according to the five BBBEE elements:

  • Ownership: measures the equity that black people hold in the business according to their voting rights, economic interest (including entitlement to dividends, capital gains and other rights of shareholders) and realisation points (the accumulation of net economic interest in the hands of black shareholders).
  • Management Control: measures the extent to which black employees participate at a Board Level and are employed in executive, senior, middle and junior management positions.
  • Skills Development: measures the extent to which the company has invested in the development of skills among black employees. It is split between skills and training, and learnerships.
  • Supplier and Enterprise Development
    • Preferential Procurement – Oriole Consulting provides clients with an understanding of the importance of the procurement function and how it positively affects BBBEE credentials. We can assist clients in evaluating current supplier lists, obtaining suppliers’ empowerment credentials, and assist in developing a Preferential Procurement policy.
    • Supplier Development – Oriole Consulting advise clients with small black enterprises within their supply chain in implementing sustainable Supplier developments initiatives.
    • Enterprise and Supplier Development – Oriole Consulting advises clients in implementing sustainable Enterprise and Supplier Development projects in line with their BBBEE strategy.
  • Socio Economic Development: measures the investment that a company makes in uplifting black individuals, communities or groups, mostly through charitable means. We can further assist in the compilation of a rating pack to provide for rating agents and if required contact rating agents on your behalf and provide guidance in this process, including being present at the site visit to assist with any questions or queries the rating agent may have.

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